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Bennett College was a women's college founded in and located in the Village of Millbrook in New York. The school closed in . reveal sad ruins of a prestigious New York girls school left abandoned for more than 30 years". A tour of the beautiful, eerie abandoned campus of Bennett College, once known as the luxury hotel Halcyon House, now slated for demolition. Bennett College was founded in at Irvington, New York by May F. Bennett. In , the Inside the grotesque Bennett College for girls, abandoned for almost 40 years In , the college closed its doors for good.

Millbrook, NY Halcyon Hall, Bennett College, Bennet School For Girls Built .. Abandoned school conservatory architecture decay ruins abandoned buildings places a. .. I would love to buy a super old, beautiful house and restore it." .. This abandoned hobbit house was built in by an eccentric farmer as a. Bennett College in Millbrook, New York closed in It is said to be haunted by some .. Bennett School for Girls Location Data Built: Closed: This school was originally I would love to buy a super old, beautiful house and restore it. In it became the home of the Bennett School For Girls, which was site for ruin photographers on the grand tour of abandoned buildings in the Northeast USA. .. Beautiful building (even though their isn't much to look at) if i was super rich id invest in a re-build. . I left NY in it was beautiful then.

Front; Bennett School for Girls .. To see such an architecturally significant building abandoned in this way is a travesty in every way. There used to be a giant smokestack that was torn down in the late 's. and rife with asbestos and other super fine particulate matter, as well as decades old mold, mildew, and . If the building could be the home to a super villain or evil corporation, it belongs here. or really just any creepy looking building. or maybe just. High quality images of abandoned things and places. When the school closed in , it never reopened and quickly fell into ruin. When the heat was turned off , water pipes . Super creepy place. Once you get close to it.