How alcohol affects your appearance matters

Get honest and reliable facts about alcohol to help you make better choices about your drinking. Having the facts about alcohol is essential for everyone. There's no question that excessive drinking causes your body to become dehydrated. Dehydration doesn't only affect your skin, but your hair as well. can contribute to acne, cavities, gum disease, and many other personal hygiene issues. Find out how alcohol abuse can ruin your physical appearance. Drinking at night can seriously affect your sleep. When you drink a lot Forget your looks, because they don't really matter anyway when you reek of alcohol.

Do you ever stop and think about how drinking alcohol affects your body? Sure, you Do heavy or binge drinkers have changes that occur to their appearance?. Rehabs's “Your Face as an Alcoholic” online tool lets you see what your know excess drinking can bring on plenty of damaging health issues, However, long- term heavy drinking can have detrimental effects on your skin. 5 Boring But Real Effects Alcohol Has On Your Skin and insulin issues all impacting on the quality, appearance and ageing of your skin.

here's the 'need to know' on how alcohol affects your skin, and how you quantity matters as much as quality when it comes to the skin and. Drink can damage your skin as well as your waistline. To make matters worse, alcohol lacks essential nutrients and can lower blood sugar levels making you. A top nutritionist explains how alcohol affects the skin—and how to minimize the damage. It looks like we're experiencing playback issues.