How do u defeat hans grosse

All what you need is to keep moving and try to not die. On End you have use EMPOWER + BEST WEAPON. Congratulations You Defeated HANS GROSSE. Wolfenstein Guide - Walkthrough. Black Sun. Grab the ammo on the table along the walkway and approach the portal at the other end to face Hans Grosse. Hans Grosse just before he is defeated for the first time in Castle Wolfenstein. The key to defeating Hans is to wait until he's fired a volley of bullets, jump out.

I can get past the first battle but I have tried to get Hans with the Mire. I have the Veil what part are u on there are 3 parts of the fight?. in Wolfenstein () and I do not have enough ammo to beat him. Make sure you grab all the ammo before you go down the hole and.