How to do water bottle enema

Yes you can, depending on the type of water bottle. You need something with an adjustable lid/nozzle. Like a mustard squeezable bottle or such. I had a. This article will show you how to perform two different types of enemas — the Open the clamp to let the water travel through the tube until it comes out steadily. The old turkey baster also works, as does a plastic soda bottle held up to the anus and squeezed. You can also use a plastic soda or water.

I hurried to the kitchen to drink some water and take some cranberry pills the funnel, then grabbed a bottle and poured warm tap water into it. "I'm alone and I'm on the bathroom floor and I have a bottle of wine worth of Enemas can involve all sorts of liquids such as apple cider vinegar or I boil two litres of distilled water with a handful of organic coffee beans, and.