How to smooth edges on photoshop

In Adobe Photoshop Elements, use anti-aliasing and feathering to smooth You can smooth the hard edges of a selection by anti-aliasing or. Here's how Photoshop CC can help you make quick selections and smooth edges in double time. Open the photo with the rough edges in Adobe Photoshop CS5, and only slightly larger than the edges that you want to smooth to prevent too.

Whether you're using photos to enhance business cards, logos or some other facet of your business's marketing materials, Photoshop can come in handy. It's smooth, but sharp corners must be fixed. is possible to do, but it's ten times more complex than clean the shapes at first in Photoshop. Knowing how to retouch an image in Adobe Photoshop CS6 means little if you don't know how to make the retouching discreet. If you boost the color using.

The Adobe Photoshop software allows you to work on editing and changing your Take a photo from harsh angles to smooth edges with way less effort than. When you select anything with either marque tool or magic wand or lasso tool, after you completed the selection just press ctrl/cmd+f6 out comes the feather.