Neoregelias and tillandsias wholesale

Tillandsia ionantha 'Guatemalan Select' Tillandsia ionantha v. van-hyningii Neoregelia 'Fireball' Tillandsia ionantha 'Mexican Select'. Starter Plant or Plugs & Tillandsia Finished Products Wholesale * . Neoregelia ' Voodoo Doll' tm Put some WOW! power in your bromeliad line with this award. Not all Bromeliads are Airplants. Air plants grow without soil while most types of Bromeliads do best in soil. Bromeliad - Tillandsia order form! Wholesale Only.

Dötterer Tillandsien - Tillandsia seller and wholesaler with onlineshop; Köhres offers Neoregelias, Tillandsias, Vrieseas and many other bromeliads, Spain. Grower of Airplants, Tillansdias, other Bromeliads and Orchids, Award Winning Hybridizer or Tillandsias. Air Plants are unique because they don't need soil to grow. to the growing and sale of quality Tillandsia Air Plants to both our wholesale and retail customers.

Ranging from small air plants to large bromeliad plants, you're sure to find what Tropiflora sells to both wholesale bromeliad growers as well as the regular. Wholesale Nursery | Grant's Farm Nursery is a grower & supplier of beautiful Bromeliad plants - We ship thoughout USA for Wholesale Only. WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE! is the url. Click this link to be redirected: and bookmark the site. WHOLESALE LOG IN. We are a wholesale bromeliad company. If you are a business please contact us · Login Now. WHOLESALE LOG IN. We are a wholesale.