What is us access credential

It is your responsibility to protect your USAccess credential and exercise the same care with it as you do. You will receive a USAccess credential if your agency has elected to participate in the USAccess Program. The PIV credential may be referred to as a different. The USAccess credential meets the card topology (or credential visual appearance) requirements of Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS)

Credential Appointments The GSA Online Scheduling System is a publicly accessible website that is used to schedule and manage appointments at USAccess. GSA's USAccess program provides federal government agencies with identity credential solutions. This shared service provides an efficient, economical and. Identity, credential, and access management (ICAM) comprises the tools, policies the federal government, and contact us at i[email protected] with questions.

What are the HSPD requirements for non-U.S. residents or non-U.S. citizen contractors? The GSA Access Card is a secure, smart card ID credential. It uses. A Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credential is a US Federal governmentwide credential used to access Federally controlled facilities and information systems. Within the US Federal Government, we have PIV as a credential. All credentials, no matter what type, associate an identity with an individual (typically via an. and information systems are issued secure and reliable federal credentials. The USAccess system and produces and issues the PIV Credential. The Issuer.