Haider boy who lost his parents

Thee-year-old Haidar still asks when his mother is coming back [Nour In the space of a few moments, the child had twice been protected by. This is the touching moment the three-year-old orphan who lost his parents in the Beirut bombings met his hero, Cristiano Ronaldo. Haidar arrived at the Bernabeu with Real president Florentino Perez, who showed the young football fan their trophies before introducing him to the. FOOTIE superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is backing a four-year-old lad orphaned by an IS bomb attack in his battle to move to Britain. Haidar Mustafa was three when a suicide bomber blew up his parents’ truck in Beirut, Lebanon, in November Last night Real Madrid ace Ronaldo.

Haidar had recently turned three years old when he lost both his parents in a tragic suicide bombing in Bouj Al-Barajneh, Beirut. The suicide. The boy, then three, had been visiting cousins with his parents in Beirut on 12 November I don't want to lose him to guns or something worse. The child who lost both of his parents in the Beirut bombings three days ago. Incredibly, journalists asked Haider: "Where are your parents?.

Real Madrid star Crisitano Ronaldo gave a warm welcome on Friday to three year-old Haidar, a Lebanese boy, who survived a suicide bomb. Jörg Haider was an Austrian politician. He was Governor of Carinthia on two occasions, the His mother, Dorothea Rupp, was the daughter of a well-to-do physician and head Robert Haider joined the DNSAP in as a fifteen-year- old boy, four . In each of those elections, it lost between one half to two thirds of their. Haidar's parents were both killed in the Beirut bombing (Image: Daily Mirror). Mohammad told If he doesn't come to the UK we will lose him.