How do you deprime military brass belt

anyone know a good way to de prime military brass so i can reload it. i picked some of my buddys brass up and cant get it deprimed need help. I am bending and/or breaking decaping pins in brass with military crimps. Depriming military brass with most reloading presses is a PITA. British Victorian Pattern Leatherware, Cartridge Boxes, Belts, Straps, Cap Pouches, Water Bottles. Hydraulic Berdan Deprimer for depriming military brass. Hydraulic Berdan de-capping tool for decapping military Berdan crimped brass.

With a new AR build in the works, I'm going to start reloading/ brass. I got thousands of rds of brass that needs to be deprimed and. The die has been set properly and I tried using some non military The brass I'm using is WRA, RA, LC, and IVI so it should be good to go, but its not. It all came on a huge belt and every 5th or 6th round was a tracer. I'm using Lee full length sizing die to size and deprime. Military brass, primers have an additional crimp or stamp to hold them in place, you might even find . I keep mine within reach, and a pistol on my belt.

Reloading military brass, 13chris, Military Weapons Forum, 14 you can tell the brass went through a SAW or other small arms belt fed weapon, And .. They clean,deprime,ream the crimp out of the primer pocket,trim and full. Military Crimp Remover found in: Lyman Primer Pocket Reamer, RCBS Trim Mate Primer Pocket Uniformer This deprimer can even deprime pistol brass.