How to claim on hcteams reddit

Arcane is a brand new HCF server striving to be unique and innovative, creating exciting game-changing features to add a more dynamic and immersive experience to hardcore factions. Approved Mods: so I havent been around since like map 14 of hct so wtf is happening and whos the. 1. NoLimit 2. Amerinide 3. Nightmare 4. Ohana 5. SoupSkidz (early maps). It's gonna be a regular faction. We don't wanna go for citadel or any big koths like that just a “Mediocre” faction. We don't expect the best.

Just so you know, Kohi, Badlion, and MineHQ are all in the same boat. On top of that, Staminus doesn't exactly live up to the mitigation they claim to provide. Is there a guide on how to start playing on HCTeams? On the server, I asked a bit of question, like how do I claim land, etcetera. However, no. Also i have the base claim from leftclick which has spawners Past factions HCTEAMS KOHI HCF - Venezuela, Aloha, Ninjaturtles.

Past Betrays: None, Im a random on Kohi but on hcteams a lot of ppl .. to the base to better help the faction, within the claims of coarse:p. HCTeams got big. Within a week almost all of HCF's players had abandoned it for this new server claiming it to be some kind of holy grail of the. Past facs: DuckClan (KOHI/HCF), Savage (KOHI/HCTeams), .. i can join front claim alex fac if i want cause i'm huge fan boy. please fix. Due to the current claiming system it will be difficult to add a traditional subclaim system like hcf or hcteams, so I bring here an idea to make.