How to cut a watermelon wedges

Get tips and ideas to cut watermelon in ways that range from basic to fancy. You'll learn how to make cubes, balls, triangles, stars, boats, and more. Cut the watermelon in half. Find the center of the watermelon and cut through the fruit at the mid-point. 2. Cut the halves in half. A few years ago, I learned How to Cut a Watermelon into Triangles, and a couple of minutes to cut the entire thing into perfect triangle slices.

Now slice the quarters into 1-inch slices, crosswise, while cutting these slices, the watermelon should still be on the rind, unattached and on the cutting board. How to Cut a Watermelon Into Slices: Here is easiest way to cut a Watermelon into easy slice, so can grab it to eat. If you've been cutting your watermelon in wedges, you've been doing it all wrong. Find out the right way to cut a watermelon.

The Cleverest Way to Cut a Watermelon into Bite-Sized Pieces Cutting a quartered watermelon - cut into cubes. The very best way to cube. With this step-by-step help, you'll be cutting watermelon like a pro into sticks, wedges, and cubes in no time. Talk about the perfect summer snack!.