How to say dog in spanish-language

See 8 authoritative translations of Dog in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio Matt gave Bob a thrashing for calling his sister a le dio. You can say "el perro" o "la perra" depending on the genre. m/f Another way to say it is "el If the dog is a baby, you can say "cachorr Spanish (language). We do say "amante de los perros," but please note that "amante" will be an adjective, not a noun, there (no article allowed), being thus similar to.

How do you say dog and cat in Spanish? What about plurals? Cats and dogs in Spanish?. Learning Spanish dog commands can make this training easier for both of you. for you to learn and pronounce—but also easy for your dog to understand!. Spanish word for dog, including example sentences in both English and Spanish. Learn how to say dog in Spanish with audio of a native Spanish speaker.

In Spanish, the word for dog is perro or perra. How to say dog in Portuguese? The words you're looking for when you visit Portugal, Brazil or. Dog in Spanish is difficult to pronounce if you're not used to rolling your tongue. the word dog in Spanish with some frequency to refer to actual dogs and for.