How to sharpen ceramic knife blade

A while back, I received a question that asked about the best way to sharpen stainless steel knives, a common problem, especially considering. Unless you are cutting other ceramics or diamonds, these knives should edge of the blade you will see that it is sharpened at an angle that is. The problem with sharpening ceramic knives is that ceramic blades are very brittle. Ceramic has a hardness of (as opposed to steel with a hardness of ).

But don't use that old sharpening rod or triangle that you use for your steel knives. It is not recommended, as it may chip the blade and ruin the. These knives last a long time. However, although ceramic blades do last longer than steel knives, there does come a point when your knife will need some TLC. SHARPENING ADVICE. YES it is much more difficult to sharpen ceramic blades due both to the extreme hardness AND the tendency of creating micro-chips on.

You will need abrasives that are harder than your ceramic knives. The most commonly available of which is diamond. Now there are a wide variety of diamond. KYOCERA has lifetime sharpening for some of their ceramic knives in some markets. Quora User, Hone knives by hand and shave with old school open blade. The next step is sharpening the blades. The steel knives we sharpen on Naniwa Chosera stones up to grit size For the ceramic knives we have used a.