Howden pumpkin variety for seeds

Intermediate resistance to black rot, Howden is a beautiful big pumpkin that we highly recommend. It is a Connecticut Field type but is far superior. Its size is. Developed by John Howden of Massachusetts in the early s, it defined "the look" in big Halloween pumpkins—deep orange color, defined ribs, and good. The finest name in pumpkins is now available from Park Seed! Selected by John Howden himself for success in the home garden, this is the pumpkin Linus.

Plant Howden Pumpkin Seeds in your organic vegetable garden for Jack-O- Lanterns. Find out about growing pumpkins from seed in our How. C. pepo days. Howden is the traditional old-time Halloween favorite. The 30 pound, intensely bright orange pumpkins have defined ribs and strong. Howden pumpkin produces an excellent yield of medium to large deep-orange fruits.

Howdens are big, bright orange, 15 lb. fruits with defined ribs and solid handles. Excellent carver as well as for pies or roasted seeds. Tolerant: black rot. One of North America's best selling pumpkins, Howden is high yielding and Sow 1 seed into jiffy pots, and transplant out after all risk of frost has passed. days — 'Howden' is a popular commercial and home-garden variety, widely used for Jack-o-Lanterns, but also excellent for pies and roasted seeds. Cucurbita pepo. This variety yields classic, large, orange, ribbed Halloween pumpkins with sturdy handles grown on long spreading vines. Excellent for carving.