What is snapshotting wow

In game terms, snapshotting is when an effect takes a "picture" of your stats at a given moment. For instance, DoTs used to snapshot the stats of. Hi, I am playing my new feral druid, a boosted one; but still couldn't understand snapshotting with Bleeds. From what I read, DOTS adjust the damage dynamically based on player's stats, buffs. Feral bleeds adjust dynamically with everything except a few specific abilities that. I stopped playing shortly after Legion dropped and now I'm coming back. I've heard bloodtalons isn't mandatory anymore and was wondering if.

Another WoD mechanics change: DoT/HoT snapshotting is removed. Your current stats are used at the time of the tick. PM - 26 Nov 15 Retweets; 7. Copy pasting an old and still existing issue from and old thread # What is dot snapshotting? Once a DoT is applied it will "snapshot" your. Wait what, I've been away from WoW this expansion, did they brought snapshotting back the way it used to in Pandaria? I thought they.

This means i have to do this in combination if I am in vanish or berserker is up or whatever buff from my talents is up that can snapshot my dots. Frequently Asked Questions for Feral Druids in WoW Battle for Azeroth (BfA) Snapshotting refers to mechanic involving Tiger's Fury Icon.