Whatsapp hide status ios

How to appear offline WhatsApp to check messages offline. 2 ways to hide online status on Android and iPhone. Appear Offline WhatsApp is solved one of the. In case you were not aware, you will find below the steps to show or hide WhatsApp Status Updates from specific contacts on iPhone and. Is it good that people can see when you were last online? Or is it a gross invasion of privacy? Perhaps it's time you turned that feature off.

How to be Invisible on WhatsApp on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone Hiding Your Online Status; Hiding Your “Last Seen” Information. For various privacy reasons, at times you may not want anyone to know when you last checked WhatsApp on your iPhone. Because. Do you want more privacy in WhatsApp? Learn how you can respond to messages and hide the typing status and when you are actually online.

Hide Online Status on WhatsApp. Appear Offline on iPhone users can achieve an offline status through a quick tweak to their user settings. How To Hide Your Online Status in WhatsApp rely on Facebook Messenger to communicate with both Android and iOS based friends. WhatsApp messenger is definitely one of the most popular messaging apps for the iPhone right now, but a lot of people want the ability to hide their online/offline .