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Kristina Cromwell, Paul Perveler: Former California Cop Killed Newlywed Bride For Lover In Insurance Murder Plot On 'A Crime To Remember'. The Cheryl Perveler Murder Convicted murderer Paul Perveler, age 76, is still an inmate in the Mule Creek California prison as of this writing (April ) . They began again in when Halverson said she learned that the ex-husband , Paul Perveler, had been granted a parole date as a.

Murdered on April 20, at the age of 22 by her husband, former police officer Paul S. Perveler, who was sentenced to life in prison for that crime as well for. It turns out that the infamous s Burbank wife-killer Paul Perveler was his first cousin. He's related to Kubrick through his mother, who was. Paul Samuel Perveler, Petitioner-appellant, v. Wayne Estelle, Warden; Board of Prison Terms; Ron angelocomolli.com, Respondents-appellees, F.2d (9th Cir.

Meet Paul S. Perveler and Kristina Cromwell. Meet Cheryl Perveler, Marlin Cromwell & Lela Halverson. There is NO Alan Palliko and no Sandra Stockton. Posts about Paul Perveler written by mylifeofcrime. Judy Davis Palliko: Cheryl Perveler (murdered 4/20/) Katherine Palliko: Lela. Parole again was denied for former policeman Paul Perveler, the double murderer whose case was the subject of the best selling book, ''Till.