Fastest kill in mw3 what level

Leveling Guide - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: This page collects to grind as fast as possible, getting the kill Marksman challenge is a. Starting from level 0 to level 31, how many kills? Anyone know? With challenges (like i do) i currently have the fastest in kills. Probably the fastest way how to level I think is to get Kills with each gun, at kills you get 5k xp, then at you get 10k xp, Aroun.

weapon leveling is a key part of leveling in mw3. If you do the math you get the certain amounts of extra XP for kills with with weapons due to. Note that, generally speaking, reaching level 20 is fast. Up to this You'll get a lot more kills, and should be getting fewer deaths. 4. However, the levels become far more challenging and the waves take longer to This method will easily work and you can get right up to high levels fast. Killstreak (kill 5 or more people in a row within at least half a second.

By using a better gun you'll get more kill streaks which in turn gives you more . The fastest way to level up in MW3 is to play team games and.