Herculiner whole truck painted

I was just thinking about painting it with herculiner to make it all one color and Do the truck in parts, don't try to do the whole thing at once. Has anyone used herculiner for painting the exterior of the tub before? bed liner on the whole thing. if its tough enough for a truck box then it. hmmm something to think about. has anyone painted their truck with the kits they sell?? i dont want to have to pay a bunch of bones to get.

I have a Suburban with a full length roof rack and the paint is stating to I rolled in a Herculiner into the whole interior of my old XJ with good results. so) but the trend of bedliner coating an entire vehicle is just plain dumb. I have two new front fenders ready to go, but it's winter now but next year I'd like to "paint" entire truck to ward off cancer and renew the look of.