How to aim with compound bow

How to Aim a Compound Bow. A compound bow uses a set of pulleys to propel an arrow toward a target at faster speeds than a conventional bow. The key to. Shooting a compound bow might seem as simple as picking up the bow, drawing the string with an arrow, and releasing. If that's how you think. If you're trying a compound bow, these aiming techniques will help you shine.

This sight, with three pins, is perfect for a compound bow, whether shooting backyard targets or bowhunting. The pins can each be moved so. Recurve archers don't need to worry about this, as they usually shoot at a static target, but if you're using a compound bow and want to get into hunting, it's good . The same steps must be mastered whether you shoot recurve bow or compound bow, or whether you aim with or without bowsights.

You don't really aim, but will know from experience where your arrow will fly . I remember when I first started using a compound bow I just had a knot on the.