How to make easy pen weapons

Easy Pen Gun: This is how to make a far shooting pen gun that you need only a pen to make!!!!!. 30 Second Pen Gun: Super easy pen gun. All that you need is a Pilot G2 pen or similar pen. (They have easy access to the spring.). Easy and Simple Pen Gun: This is a very easy pen gun that doesn't require anything except All you have to do is un-screw the cap and the little point thing.

Easy Pen Gun: This is an easy pen gun. You do not need anything but a pen. How to Make a High Powered Pen Gun. This is how to make a high powered pen gun that can shoot straight through tomatoes and, if powerful enough, through. What materials to use and how to make homemade pen gun. Pen guns use a simple mechanism made out of rubber bands or out of springs, so when the.