How to play ion card game

This ION game contains cards that are printed with dots, much like dominoes. A certain number of cards are dealt to each player at the. Here's how the game is played: Each player is dealt eight cards, must select one of those cards and then passes the remaining. Players must choose to either. TIRED OF BORING GAMES? ION is a full action CARD /& DICE GAME that is easy to learn and provides lots of fun with a great replay value. It can be played in .

ION - Card & dice game. Up to 10 players! Card game for kids children teens adults families boys or girls. Perfect for families and game night with friends. ION CARD & DICE GAME | Up to 10 players! MATCH DOTS to play, play ACTION CARDS to ruin other players' game, challenge players for a. Match dots to play, play action cards to ruin other players' game and be the first to run out of cards. A card game for all ages and genders where you never know.

We preview the new card game Ion, now in funding on Kickstarter. In this quick playing game, players are trying to assemble compounds of. Rajasthan Stone Art Unique Chess Sets and Board Size: x Cm ShalinIndia MN-chessb Famous Artwork ยท Makeup Revolution Natural Nudes .