How to refill pen lighter

All S.T. Dupont ballpoint pens, apart from the mini Olympio, have a ball/pencil the flint on your lighter or refill your pen, we recommend reading the instructions. If your ballpoint pen refill is particularly new or hasn't be used that often, Simply hold the flame from a cigarette lighter to the writing tip for a few seconds. Urparcel mini Portable Jet Pen Pencil Torch Refill Butane Gas Fuel Flame Lighter for Welding Soldering - - Akanbou Mini Portable Jet Pencil Pen Flame Torch Refill Butane Gas Fuel Welding Soldering Lighter: Home Improvement. If you ever have a pen that just won't write, a bit of heat can get it working good as new again. This is to show you how to make a permanent adaptor. What you need. Butane cartridge. Bic pen. Hot glue or epoxy. Pliers Angled cutters. A lighter to fill and test .

Eagle Torch Pen Lighter. A refillable, multipurpose butane torch with adjustable flame. Comes with a semi-transparent tank so the user can gauge the use of fuel .