How to thin fly head cement

Head cement thinner - posted in Beginner's Corner: Can I use the acetone I have at home to thin my head cement? I can't get to the fly shop for. I answered a question on another forum about head cement and head cement thinners. I suggest you not use Acetone or Lacquer Thinner for. Wapsi Fly Head Cement is quick drying and deep penetrating with fly, and the ability to apply several thin coats of cement to the head for.

Need help with thinning Hard as Hull Head Cement. Anybody know what I can use for a thinner? TIA. OK, I've heard and read about "thinned" fly head cement. The question is, what do you thin it with? I have the Umpqua Dave's Flexament which. Head cement thinner for the lacquer based head cements like the Wapsi brand that we sell here. Keep some on hand and simply add a little to your cement.

A small drop is all that is needed to secure your flies and finish them off. This is a 1 oz bottle. Use Wapsi Fly Head Cement Thinner to thin this product. Additional. FlyMasters is a complete full service fly shop. We specialize in warmwater fly fishing. Our selection of tying material is unmatched. We offer a wide selection of . I have had a curious interest in head cements ever since my first days of fly . If the head cement is a pale yellow color (or clear) and smells like lacquer thinner, .