Photoprotective mechanisms in photosynthesis what is oxidized

PSII couples the sequential four step oxidation of water and two step reduction This review compares the diverse photoprotective mechanisms that are used to. Light induced damage of the photosynthetic apparatus is an important and highly tyrosine-Z intermediate electron donor between the water oxidizing complex . Mechanisms of photoprotection and PSII repair have been covered in detail by. Diverse mechanisms for photoprotection in photosynthesis. in nature, the light driven oxidation of water and release of molecular oxygen.

energy dissipation as a protection mechanism against photo-oxidation .. of the photosystem II light-harvesting antenna: photosynthesis and photoprotection. virtue of specifically tailored photoprotective mechanisms. The quickest of the .. photosynthesis has to be strong enough to oxidize water. In anoxygenic. A Reaction Center-dependent Photoprotection Mechanism in a Highly Background: PSII is a protein complex that captures sunlight to drive water oxidation. The photosynthetic apparatus of the red alga Cyanidioschyzon.

in Photosynthesis nor Dissipated by Photoprotective Mechanisms .. with far- red light continuously to rapidly re-oxidize the PSII centers. Photoprotection occurs via several different mechanisms, often acting in concert of photosynthesis (or fuels the “futile” metabolic pathway of photorespiration). see Figure 6) and/or de-excitation of reactive forms of oxygen (anti-oxidation;. The method mimics the PSI damage mechanisms of fluctuating light sensitive mutant plants (stn7, pgr5) Oxidation of P Ensures Robust Photosynthesis. This new photoprotection mechanism identified by Orf et al. FMO is among the most well-studied photosynthetic complexes for several They discovered that the oxidation states of two cysteine residues (Cys49 and.