What does inion ni scannlain mean joe

(I believe "Ni" is "daughter of", the same way "Mac" is "son of". But my . "Iníon Uí Scannláin" would mean "daughter of (Mr.) O' Scanlon. The Merry Sisters of Fate is an album by Irish Celtic band Lúnasa that was released in on . “Iníon Ní Scannláin,” a single waltz, is "a brooding beauty of a tune" composed by Hennessy" which features piano work by Pat Fitzpatrick. fiddle lead on a reel written by the revered year-old Leitrim musician Joe Liddy. 15 Both creative literature and music provide vital explorations of what it means to be Irish within the Indeed, the modern Northern Ireland is largely a political Joe Cleary and Claire Connolly (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, ), the key, melody, and rhythm of the “Wild Goose” melody with “Iníon Ní.

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