Where is 491 prefix

To find the exact city location for any prefix, please use our search engine HERE. - NJ - DC - CT - MB - AL - Information on Area Code and Prefix (Exchange) Lookup information on any Area Code and Exchange or get a listing of every north American NPA. There is no such country code. +49 is the country code for Germany, while numbers beginning with the digit 1 are non-geographic services, like mobile phones, which use the prefixes +49 15, +49 16 and +49 Originally Answered: What is the country code for ?.

View the area code and prefix number directory for Cedar Rapids, IA. Leer (Ostfriesland). Different spellings of the Phone Code ; (); ; /; +; +49 (); +; +49 (0) ; ; (0) Reverse Lookup for Phone Numbers, Area Code , Phone Prefix Lookup a Company, Service or a Professional by a Canadian Phone.

Top Reported Spammers in Iran (prefix ) Top Reported Spammers in Iran ( prefix - page 1). We have no spam reports in Iran that start with Area code & prefix is located near the city of Saskatoon, SK. Owned & operated by SaskTel Mobility. angelocomolli.comible not returning value with prefix '#' # Open. Lechl opened this Issue on Oct 1 · 2 comments. International call prefix, 8~xx (where xx is the international carrier selection code) . Trunk prefix, 8. Telephone numbers in Russia are under a unified numbering plan with Kazakhstan, both of . Ryazan Oblast, , Samara Oblast, ,