Who is the main character in matrix

The The Matrix Trilogy characters covered include: Neo (a.k.a. the One, a.k.a. Smith, The Oracle, Sentinels (a.k.a. Squiddies), Cypher, The Merovingian (a.k.a. the Tank, Dozer, Link, Zee, Sati, Rama-Kandra, Kamala, The Trainman, Persephone, Soren, Switch, Maggie, Councilor Dillard, Councilor West, Apoc, Ghost. The Matrix is a science fiction action film written and directed by The Wachowskis and . Morpheus and Trinity exit the Matrix, but Smith ambushes and kills Neo Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith: A sentient "Agent" program of the Matrix Ray Parker as Dozer: A "natural" human born outside of the Matrix, and pilot of. Neo is a fictional character and the main protagonist in The Matrix franchise. He was portrayed . In the Matrix, SWAT troops kill Mouse. Cypher jacks out, grabs.

List of The Matrix characters, including pictures when available. The Matrix are ordered by their significance to the film, so main characters are featured at Neo Sex and the Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Animatrix Dozer The Matrix Apoc The Matrix. 9 Agent Brown is listed (or ranked) 9 on the list List of The Matrix. The Oracle: An unusual inhabitant of the Matrix, The Oracle is able to see the future. and Tank's brother, Dozer was born in Zion - he never was a slave to the Matrix. Agent Smith: The main adversary to Morpheus' plan. A sentient program in the Matrix, Smith is able to do almost everything Neo can. The Matrix: Mouse . I think we need a little thought provoker video to make the friday that much more interesting. Because fridays are mostly boring anyway. So here is a theory on.

LeTrenton Evans English The Matrix In the movie “The Matrix”, the main character neo or Mr. Anderson starts his role as a slave to machines created by. Characters appearing in The Matrix. For an index Alternative Title(s): Enter The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, The Matrix Path Of Neo. Keanu Reeves Neo · Laurence Fishburne Morpheus · Carrie-Anne Moss Trinity · Hugo Weaving Agent Smith · Gloria Foster Oracle · Joe Pantoliano. This page lists the cast of The Matrix in the same order as it appeared in the film's credits. Character, Cast, Character's Photo. Neo · Keanu Reeves · px-Neo.