Who won dolph ziggler and john cena

Is there any truth to The Miz's claim? The Miz's allegations of John Cena ' stealing' Nikki from Ziggler may not be exactly on the nose, but it . The Showoff surely won't let his name be dragged into the dirt without a rebuttal. Dolph Ziggler on why he hate John Cena that Cena is the poster boy of the company and promised that he would reach such a spot one day. One superstar that has been in that position for a while now is John Cena, and Ziggler said four years ago in an interview with Sam Roberts that.

The Miz roasts John Cena: 'He stole his girlfriend from Dolph Ziggler' . Skip Bayless explains why Le'Veon Bell lost and the Steelers won over. Although John Cena is the face of the WWE, it was clear going into TLC that Dolph Ziggler needed a win more than him. Common sense. Nicholas Theodore Nemeth (born July 27, ) is an American professional wrestler, actor, They debuted on Raw in January , and won the World Tag Team .. Ziggler then began feuding with John Cena after he sided with Vickie.

Dolph Ziggler On How He Feels About John Cena, His Favorite NXT I'm someone that works so hard everyday to get to that spot and one day.