How to add mods to ets2mp

Go to SinglePlayer - Activate the mod. The only mods supported by ETS 2 MP are the given winter mods that are available to be downloaded in the winter. Hi. I am trying to add a truck mod on truckers mp. It works fine on single player but when i go on to truckers mp it says it cant find the mod. Be sure to get mods from sites like, AKA trusted sites. Look around, and don't install workshop mods without looking in the.

What mods are you using guys and they're allowed on MP? who gets near you when their game attempts to load assets they don't have. #8. How to Install Mods in Euro Truck Simulator. Now that you've got your copy of Euro Truck Simulator, you've discovered that it's pretty unexciting right out of the. Just follow these step, you can install mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2 easily! Download that mod. Extract it! Paste file(s) into your My Documents/Euro .

How to install? Open /data and create "mods" folder. Copy+Paste in "mods" ETS2MP. Enable winter mod and. After Ets2 updated to v it refused to load because proMods v was incompatible, fair enough. Long story angelocomolli.coms v was.