How to say for school in french

Need to translate "school" to French? Here are 14 ways to say it. Need translate "my school" to French? Here's how you say it. Back to school! Learn French words, phrases and sounds to talk about your school day with these KS2 resources.

Watch to learn how to say the names of things that have to do with school, like books, paper airplanes, and soccer balls, in French. un. Q: How to say Didn't you hear your name called? in French? A: N'as-tu pas entendu appeler ton nom? (human translation); Q: How to say School starts next . je vais a l'ecole alice is right sorry cathy!!! but school is feminine!!.

This lesson will discuss how to say that we like, love, or appreciate someone. When I was just learning French, I tried to tell a French friend, 'I like your hair,'. I would have used none of them. To be exact, my usual translation of “to attend a class” is “assister à un cours”.