How to use pedicure kit at home

Use soap, Epsom salt, or a foot soak to clean your feet. If you are doing a pedicure at home, simply use soap for a mild foot wash, or use a pedicure product, like. Find out the secrets to the perfect DIY pedicure in seven easy steps. Now it's time to get your Well-Manicured Kit to clip and shape your nails. Clip each nail At-Home Pedi Tip: Using a cuticle nipper is entirely optional. The VLCC Pedicure & Manicure Kit is best described as a home treatment that Also, while the outer box details how to use the kit, individual.

Then, clip your nails using a nail cutter, but make sure you cut across straight. To turn your home pedicure experience up a notch, you can also add . VLCC Manicure Pedicure Kit Review · Monsoon Feet Care Tips!!!. Here's what you'll need for your home pedicure kit: a cuticle Using a nail clipper, clip your nails to your desired length, Berkovitz says. Here are some simple home remedies on how to do pedicure at your own The one rule you should always follow is to use an anti-septic cold.

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