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Module Infection Control in. Health Care Settings. *Image courtesy of: World Lung Foundation. Florence Nightingale, Notes on Hospitals, It may seem. Infection control addresses factors related to the spread of infections within the health-care setting,. • Including prevention (via hand hygiene/hand washing. Module 4 - infection prevention and control. 2. Hand washing and use of PPE cannot solely be explained, they have to be demonstrated. Prepare water, soap.

INFECTION PREVENTION AND CONTROL. In-service Training Guide. INFECTION CONTROL. What is an infection? DEFINITION. Infection. - is the invasion of a. Infection Control and Prevention. Maria del Rosario, MD, MPH. Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program. WVDHHR/BPH/DSDC. February. May 4, infection prevention (including HIV), STANDARD PRECAUTIONS, BMW.

May 25, Disease Transmission & Infection Control. Was the PowerPoint helpful for recalling the information?Would you like this type of format again?. Director of Infection Prevention & Control; Clinical Nurse Specialists Infection Prevention & Control. All hospital sites and divisions. Infection Prevention & Control. Infectious agent or pathogen; Reservoir; Portal of exit; Mode of transmission; Portal of entry The Nursing Process & Infection Control (Assessment). Status of . Apply required knowledge in preventing and/or minimizing infection. Perform This unit of patient safety will focus on Infection Control. Global Infection.