What for aisha lyrics in english

The fruits, well ripe with the taste of honey. And my life, Aisha if you love me! I will go where your breath leads me,. In the countries of ivory and. Aisha (Aija Andrejeva) What For lyrics: I've asked my angels, why? / But they don' t know / What for do mothers. Africando - Aisha (English Version - Outlandish) lyrics lyrics: All of ya'll radios out there This song goes out to yo Yeah, Aicha, for my sister, ya [Verse1] S.

Aisha (English version) Lyrics, Africando, So sweet, so beautiful Everyday like a queen on her. I said, Aisha, take this, all of it is for you And my life, Aisha if you love me! . Im Arab an the words dont quite translate as it does in English. Lyrics of AISHA [ENGLISH VERSION] by Africando: So sweet so beautiful, Everyday like a queen on her throne, Don't nobody knows how she.

Aïcha is the name of a song written by the French singer songwriter Jean- Jacques Goldman. The Arabic lyrics for the bilingual version of the song are written by Khaled. The song's chorus has the following words in French (with English نبغيك عايشة ونموت عليك (Nbghīk ʿāysha wanmūt ʿalīk) = I want you Aisha and. Lehrein - Aisha Lyrics And English Translation. Movie: Aisha Music: Amit Trivedi Singers: Anusha Mani, Neuman Pinto, Nikhil D'souza. Lyrics: Javed Akhtar.