What is scapular plane of motion

The normal resting position of scapular as it lies on the posterior rib cage Dr. Warren6 performs passive motion testing in this plane since it is. The scapular plane was set at 40° anterior to the frontal plane (Camci et al., ). To ensure the proper plane of elevation during movement, the realtime data. Four movements of the scapula occur in the frontal plane: elevation - associated with reaching when glenohumeral abduction and flexion are limited in range.

Abstract. 1. The relative amounts of scapular (S) and glenohumeral (GH) movements have beets insvestigated roentgenographically, using sixty-one male . Scapulohumeral rhythm or ratio is significantly greater (less scapular motion and more humeral motion) in the sagittal plane than other planes. Consistent with. Check out our explanation of the different planes of motion, and how you can Elevation: Moving to a superior position (only at the scapula).

In this paper the kinematics of arm abduction in the scapular plane of 38 healthy of the glenohumoral and the scapulothoracic components of the motion were. The within factors included side (dominant, nondominant), plane of motion ( scapular, sagittal), direction of motion (ascending, descending), and level of humeral.