Batman vs daredevil who wins

Batman(Duh) Batman is superior to Daredevil when it comes to strength, intelligence, fighting skill, Who Would Win In A Fight: Daredevil or Batman? - results. The Man Without Fear takes on The Caped Crusader! Gregg speaks his mind on who would be left standing if these two iconic heroes duked it. This boils down to Batman's gear versus Daredevil's radar. As always discussed in this segment, Batman's gear is a ginormous factor.

Well Bats had one in Batman begins. I'm not sure about the comics. When I said blind him (DD), I was talking about his Sonar senses. Batman vs Daredevil: Fight To The Finish. Batman and Let's have a look at which one of them would win a direct battle against his rival. Daredevil does make use of nerve strikes more often than Batman several of Batman's durability feats could be attributed partially (or .. Without looking at any comments I will go with the usual consensus; Batman wins.

I like both characters but Daredevil more. The battle is going to be even two super normals or Peak humans against each other. Batman will win because of. I say that Batman would win, but if you think Daredevil would win, please join. Batman is the worlds greatest detective, but it wouldn't be hard to find out. Who do you think would win guys? Batman. Even with no prep time or utility belt Daredevil will get his ass handed to him. Every freaking time.