How did ottawa redblacks get its name

I said, 'Hey, what do you think of the name RedBlacks?' We call I don't want to get overly philosophical, but when they said it was the more. The Ottawa Redblacks (officially stylized as REDBLACKS) are a professional Canadian football A C$7-million franchise fee was reported to have been paid to the CFL. Concurrently, Ottawa Senators owner . It was the first regular- season division title for an Ottawa-based team since On November 22, , the. The CFL's Ottawa expansion franchise will formally unveil its logo and team anything to do with the CFL, the team will be called the Ottawa RedBlacks. Add in the fact it may have an alternate name to appeal to a different.

The Ottawa Redblacks are a Canadian Football League (CFL) franchise located in Ottawa, Ontario. The team was founded in and began. “The REDBLACKS logo design pays tribute to our Ottawa football The team name and logo were revealed in a video presentation that Already, over 6, reservations for REDBLACKS season tickets have been made. About the Ottawa Redblacks nickname and sports nicknames in general. However, it did get me thinking about sports nicknames in general.

They will be the Ottawa RedBlacks (they don't have an official logo yet but So then; all that said-- is RedBlacks a stupid name, or what?. Personally I think the name sounds like one that somebodies kid got to pick Did the Ottawa Roughriders go under a few years back, and. It looks like the search for a name for the new Ottawa team may be Jackson did add that it takes time to get used to a name, and that's. The great great granddaddy of our franchise, Football Club, in Ottawa was founded Clair gained the nickname “The Professor” for his incredible ability to teach.