How to clean coated bass strings

Ive just started using Elixir Nanowebs and where Ive cleaned ordinary strings successfully with surgical spirits, how do you clean these guys?. Is there a safe way to do this? I usually clean all my other strings soaking them in denatured alcohol but I am curious to know if coated strings. Is your bass covered in grunge? John Carruthers will show you the best way to clean your bass guitar.

How do you Clean your Elixir String General Acoustic Guitar I think that's the purpose of the coating. btw I use them on my guitar and bass. A starter note: Boiling bass strings is not good. Then a quick wipe with some alcahol based cleaner/ lubricant (the one I have is some Planet Waves crap, and it doesn't clean shit. . That's Elixer's secret string coating recipe. Strings - Guitar String & Bass String Maintenance This means getting a clean cotton cloth and wiping the string down after every playing session.

We all understand how expensive bass strings can be, so does anyone When you open the pipes, remove the strings and dry them, they will be perfectly clean! . Isn't the coating supposed to make them last longer???. And, apparently, this coating, which is adequately non-sticking on the finger side, . I recently tried some DR Extra Life coated bass strings.