How to shim an uneven toilet

What is the best way to shim a toilet to keep it from rocking? What is the . Shimming My tile floor is uneven so any toilet rocks back and forth. Stack two wood shims on top of one another. Slide them under the front of toilet base. Push both shims toward the toilet until the toilet does not wobble. Add two. Although installing a toilet is an easy project, an uneven floor can complicate matters. If there are other loose spots, install shims and check for level as you go.

However, even a small tilt of the toilet on an uneven floor can cause Hammer a shim gently between the floor and the toilet base to bring a low side up. Use these Danco Plastic Toilet Shims when your toilet needs stabilizing. Ribbed design helps stabilize an uneven toilet; Includes 4 shims per pack. Fix wobbly toilets with plumbing's favorite plastic toilet shim! Wobble Wedges are flexible, trimable, and available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Steady a wobbly toilet by tightening the flange bolts or with plastic shims and a little caulkā€”an easy repair for toilets that rock but don't leak.