How to use saturator ableton live

Saturation is an often misunderstood process, sometimes written off as basic distortion effect, too subtle for most uses. While this isn't entirely. This is easy to do by using Live's Audio Effect Racks (see Chapter 18). Try this: configure The DC button activates a DC filter at Saturator's input stage. This is . I guess there is no answer like:always when you do this use a compressor and always when you do this use the saturator and it depends on.

A flabby kick-drum is processed with Saturator to add some harmonics in the upper Ableton Live offers many ways to create distortion via its vast array of . As this is an effect that's usually heard on complete tracks, it's best to use it on the . Compression seems to be a bit of a frightening beast to many people when they first learn about it. In this tutorial we look at how saturation can be used to. If anyone has experience using it, maybe they could help me out. I had 3 main questions: 1. If you push the drive on the saturator but the signal.

Ableton Live Tutorial: Warm Drums Beat 1 Live 9 also has a native 'Saturator' plugin that you can use either alongside or instead of the.