Mugen how to change portrait size photo

You cannot change the size of the portraits through mugen in the VS screen, though you can in the select one, in the You only need. I've been making new portraits for a load of characters I downloaded that either didn;t have one or had one that was horrible, 99% of ther time they fit fine and I have the pixel sizes and everything. However it seems that some pics are either too small or too big to fit even when. To insert a picture on your wiki page you first need to find the picure you want. Hit the edit button and click the image of the tree. Browse your computer to find the.

ok WHY are you even messing with portraits like that? your screenpacks should just scale the portraits to fit. messing with the localcoord of the. This tutorial will address how to add or change character portaits in Mugen All portraits in mugen need to be colors with the transparent.