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(MODEL RELEASED IMAGE). The Brown family of Riverview, Australia with a week's. ยท (MODEL RELEASED. American photographer Peter Menzel and writer Faith D'Aluisio have traveled the world documenting that most basic of human. From Peter Menzel's Material World Project that showed 30 statistically average families in 30 countries with all of their possessions. {{Formerly image number.

By entering this site you agree to our terms and conditions. As you browse, please remember that none of these photographs are within the public domain. Californian photographer Peter Menzel visited 24 countries for the book Hungry Planet. His work shows how much the world's weekly groceries. Peter J. Menzel (born February 7, ) is an American freelance photojournalist best known He is the founder of Peter Menzel Photography. Similar in style to Material World, Hungry Planet presents what thirty families eat in a week.

Photojournalist Peter Menzel was best known for his coverage of international He has received several World Press and Picture of the Year awards and has. Material World: A Global Family Portrait [Peter Menzel, Charles C. Mann, Paul Kennedy] on At the end of each visit, photographer and family collaborated on a. In , Peter Menzel photographed families around the world posing with everything they owned. A decade and a half later, a similar project.