Rembrandt self portraits how many

The dozens of self-portraits by Rembrandt were an important part of his oeuvre. Rembrandt . While the earliest etchings are very rare, many others that are not " official" portraits survive in large numbers, and certainly reached the market of. click here to read about Rembrandt's self portraits. Rembrandt's oeuvre as a whole, that it was discovered how very many times the artist had portrayed himself. Many works are poorly preserved and have been overpainted by later hands and number of very important Self Portrait with Gorget and Beret(hi res image) c.

The self-portraits chronicle Rembrandt's visage beginning in his early 20s until his death at the age of Because there are so many that can. In this self-portrait, year-old Rembrandt van Rijn's deep-set eyes bore Rembrandt painted, drew, and etched so many self-portraits that changes in his. It is impossible to say how many self-portraits Rembrandt made, for any estimate depends on the definition of what does and what does not belong to his oeuvre.

The great sensitivity in the rendering of different emotions and psychological states evident in Rembrandt's many self-portraits would seem to support this. “Rembrandt painted, drew, and etched so many self-portraits in his lifetime that changes in his appearance invite us to gauge his moods by comparing one. Rembrandt's Self-Portrait as a Young Man, (Stan Honda/ As a result, many museum visitors even today can identify his plain yet. No seventeenth-century artist made as many self-portraits as Rembrandt did. This self-portrait dates from , the year Rembrandt died, so it may be the last he.